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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

1) The only thing I really want out of this is a more specific plot, driven by the antagonist. The first movie is more of a series of events than anything else. It was an overview of Cap's life up until he was frozen, with a general "stop the Red Skull" plot. I just want a more specific adventure to drive the movie, something where there is a sense of urgency in the film which drives Cap's actions. It doesn't have to be a complicated plot, just more specific.

The rest are wishes more than anything.

2) Make the movie a solid action adventure film, similar to Bourne or Mission Impossible, though it shouldn't be as "gritty" as those films, or at least not as gritty as Bourne. I think MI4 is a great example of what the next Cap movie should try to emulate. Have lots of stunts, lots of explosions. Jumping off of buildings and bridges and out of planes. Fighting lots of thugs at once, taking them out quickly. Some sort of automotive chase. Saving innocent people. Stuff like that. Cap is an action hero, make him do action hero things, and staying away from the CGI for these things would be nice too. I thought the first movie had too much CGI; make it seem more natural.

3) Even though I want an action adventure, the movie needs to be driven by solid writing. Good dialogue. Good character interactions. Action movies with solid writing = fun, which is what superhero movies really should be I think. The one thing I will say about all of the Marvel Studio films is the writing has never been less than solid. The dialogue almost always feels natural, which isn't always easy to do, but Marvel has achieved it in every film.

4) I think it would work out best if SHIELD were in the movie, with Cap as an agent. They are already established, and Cap as more of a highly skilled operative would work the best.

5) Don't really have a fifth one...maybe Black Widow would be cool, but only if she was done correctly, not just to put another name in there...

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