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Default Re: Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor : The Villain of the Story

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
How could there be any surviving Lex bits from this?

There's definitely no way his brain would have survived that for sure. If they had to clone Finale Lex's brain, he's basically a clone.

I think their biggest mistake with Lex, before the mindwipe, was bringing him back in S8 without Rosenbaum. I felt like they only did it because Kreuk returned.

The best thing to have done during those years is kept Lex (the real Lex) cryogenically frozen somewhere.

Who cares if the current lex is a clone in the Smallvilleverse. Up until the current reboot, the Lex that had been in the comics for years had also been nothing but a series of clones with his mind being transplanted into the new clones brain.

It's nothing new with Lex Luthor.

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