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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
"Too grim.", "Too long." ,"Bane isn't like Joker." "Too much action" same stuff

"Too grim"
It's the Dark Knight movie. Last movie had sad end.Of course it'll be grim. Protagonist lost his love, his possible successor, took the blame,beaten and shot, he is an outlaw. It would be big **** off to previous audience if it didn't have such tone.

"Too long"
The last movie. It better be long. It's farewell to fans.

"Bane isn't like Joker"
Because he isn't suppose to be like Joker. Tommy Lee Jones/Two-Face anyone?

"Too much action.Too big scale"
It's a Batman movie.Summer blockbuster.Not art house film.

They can criticize direction,acting,story, plot holes and mistakes but seriously, what's wrong with these guys?

It's like watching Red Thin Line and criticizing it because it doesn't similar to Rambo movies.
You're in absolutely no position to be acting like 'oh too long? psh, watch this - IT'S THE LAST MOVIE! Criticism solved.'

That guy has seen the movie, you haven't. Wait until you see it, judge for yourself, and leave other people alone who have different opinions. You'll be amazed at how much stress 'live and let live' will save you in the next few days.

By the way, "The last movie. It better be long. It's farewell to fans." is a terrible argument.

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