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Default Re: From Russia With Love

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I think it's inevitable that HYDRA were the ones who recovered Bucky's body from the train battle in CATFA. It's also highly likely that Skully recognized Bucky and saw fit to continue the mind control experiments he was doing on him when Cap had rescued him the first time. So Bucky was probably already Red Skull's puppet in the closing days of WWII.

But after Skull's death/disappearance, and after HYDRA was destroyed/driven underground by the Allies, the case can be made for Bucky falling fortuitously into the lap of the Soviet Union as they carve Germany up into East and West. This is probably where Aleksander Lukin becomes the ideal puppetmaster for Winter Soldier during the Cold War. It would also be nice to see Dr. Faustus make an appearance as Lukin's mind control expert, the one who keeps Bucky's memories buried.
I could totally buy that. Definitely wouldn't make a lot of sense for a Russian submarine crew to find him, like in the comics.

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