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Default Re: From Russia With Love

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Inevitable, why? There isn't meant to be such a big gap between Bucky dying and Skull dying.
There's no indication whatsoever how much time passes. This is the irritating "montage" sequence where the movie more or less fast-forwards through the rest of the war and Cap's exploits. The gap between the train scene and the bomber scene could be days, or years....nobody knows. [/QUOTE]

It isn't a choice between Hydra and being exactly like the comics.

It could have been a unit of the Soviet Army instead. The Soviets, just like the SSR, know Zola is going to pass through that certain location, so they send a team to intercept him. The Howling Commandos got there first, but the Soviets found Bucky and provided medical aid.
Highly unlikely that the Soviets would be deep inside the German Alps. They'd be too busy holding the Nazis off on the Eastern Front, so a mountain-climbing expedition in Bavaria by Soviet commandos wouldn't likely be high on their agenda.

Bucky went down in HYDRA territory. Behind enemy lines. It's inevitable that any survivors (i.e., Bucky) of the train raid would have wound up captives of HYDRA.


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