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Default Re: From Russia With Love

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Well, I'd actually buy a younger Vanko working on the Winter Soldier. That would be pretty cool.

The problem with these ties is that they make the MCU look smaller. If they want to make references, they should be to things that are new rather than the same things we've seen before.
So true. I agree with you. Unfortunately, that's not exactly how Hollywood works, is it? But let's be hopeful that Marvel Studios decides to continue to be awesome, break the mold, and expand the reaches of the MCU even in this small way.

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
The train montage comes BEFORE Bucky's death. Right after it, Schmidt mentions that their plan is on the eve of completion, and after Zola is brought back to London, there is sense of urgency. They're definitely racing against the clock at that point.
Yeah, Col. Phillips has his beef (steak) with Zola right after they capture him on the train, which of course is when Bucky falls. After that, he says they expect Schmidt to attack in the next 24 hours. Cap has only had a bit time to mourn Bucky's death (can't get drunk), and decides to "go after Schmidt"/avenge Bucky by walking right up to his front door.

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