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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by the great thor View Post
ok maybe i missed something but what bwidow did was not something only she could have done. anyone on the team could have did it. and capt was the one calling the shots on when to close the portal.(doesnt make her anything special). and maybe hawkeye did kill a lot of aliens but i bet you hulk and thor took out a whole lot more, what did he do that any shield agent with a gun(bwidow) could have done. to be honest a gun can kill much faster than pulling out and shooting arrows can. listen i am not trying to dump on hawkeye but if you look at his character with a realistic eye, he is not anything that special or needed.
And I'm sure Hawkeye took out more than Captain America - does that make him non-important? Before you try to say Cap was taking down more baddies, remember that Hawkeye was taking out entire ships with 3-4 aliens on each ship.

Hawkeye was basically calling the shots after the fight started. He was letting everyone know where they were needed. Without Hawkeye calling the shots, a lot more civilians would have died.

And any SHIELD agent could have hit Loki from that far away? I doubt it. Hawkeye is called that for a reason - he can hit shots from far away with pinpoint accuracy. A sniper would have missed because Loki was moving too fast and a regular gun wouldn't have the distance not accuracy needed to pull off that type of shot.

And sure anyone could have gone up there and shut the portal, but who? Thor and Hulk wouldn't have any idea what to do, IMO. Captain America would have taken a lot longer to get up there. Iron Man was dealing with a nuke and Hawkeye just jumped off a building to stay alive (I hope for a sequel they add in the awesome leg quiver so he has more arrows). Black Widow was the only one who could get up there as fast as she did and figure out the problem.

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