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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
You're in absolutely no position to be acting like 'oh too long? psh, watch this - IT'S THE LAST MOVIE! Criticism solved.'

That guy has seen the movie, you haven't. Wait until you see it, judge for yourself, and leave other people alone who have different opinions. You'll be amazed at how much stress 'live and let live' will save you in the next few days.

By the way, "The last movie. It better be long. It's farewell to fans." is a terrible argument.
It has to be long. Also fans would like to see as much as they can for the last time. It's not just 3rd part.. It's conclusion. They must create a story includes previous movies and this one.

I don't need to see the movie to tell what's obvious BS.

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