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Default Re: Am i the only one that doesn't like how this is going?

Originally Posted by IsildurĀ“s Heir View Post
Winter Soldier?
The Falcon?
Oh boy....

This screams Iron Man 2 all over again, which was, imo, the worst Marvel movie post-well....Iron Man.
There was too much going on...Whiplash, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Justin Hammer, War Machine...even the action was not all that.

Now, this is the first solo Cap movie after being defrosted, which means this should be about him being accustomed to the 21st century.
To have Sam Wilson (not The Falcon) in the movie i can get, but to have the return of Bucky is waaaayyyy too much.

Avengers has a bunch of characters = Brilliant movie.

Captain America 2 has a bunch of characters = Disaster?

I think we've seen that multiple characters can be in a superhero movie and still be a good movie.

Watchmen, Avengers, X-men 2, etc...

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