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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
I have no idea why you're telling me how much better Transformers could be and how Spider-Man 3 went wrong.

Sorry to say this, but you're just reading off the same butthurt template that always begins towards critics around this time of a movies release. Negative reviews come up, fans feel the need to discredit the review and reviewer. Oh not because they didn't like the movie, no of course not. Just that they're terrible reviewers who don't even know how to do their jobs. OK.

Reviews are subjective. People approach movies differently. People write differently. Just accept that you will agree with some and you will disagree with some.
If you are a critic and you are gonna write about KFC hotwings, you suppose to be proffesional. You can't give negative opinion because of you don't like chicken. You can't give negative opinion because it's hot, it's wings, it's too much.Critics aren't average joe. They are critics. They must do their job objectively.

Again, if i go to KFC and rant about my hotwings are spicy, who would take me serious? If i go to Batman movie, i must know what i'll get and give an opinion about that.

Same for movies. You can't give negative opinion about Charlie Chaplin movie is slapstick, Batman movie is grim, Kill Bill has cheesy dialogs,Machete is ridicilous or Jurrassic Park isn't gore. That's difference between being proffesional and amateur. Knowing what you are talking about. Being objective.

If it was random dude says movie was too grim, i would say it suppose to be grim,maybe Batman isn't for you. But if a critic says it's bad because it's grim, i would call him amatuer and trash his lights off.

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