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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
No, it doesn't have to be and you've yet to make an argument for that (because "it's the last one" doesn't hold water at all).

Right but that's outside of what goes into making a movie. If it was all about how much people would tolerate, TDKR would be 5 hours long.

Let me stop you right there, because everything that comes after this is built on that faulty premise. A critic is supposed to tell us whether they liked the movie or not, period. It's not supposed to be people who are just pre-disposed to like Batman that review the movie.

Semi-related, this is farking embarrassing.
That's were you wrong about it. If proffesional critics must be objective and able to support thoughts with facts. They can't be emotional, can't be subjective about the movie.

Their job isn't tell us if they like the movie or not. Their job giving their objective opinions.What's good and what's not with facts. They must know what kind of movie they are talking about.

A critic watch shakespeare's work and say "it's not good, they don't talk like average joe, unrealistic and poetic language is boring" That's just indicates he is amateur. He should have know it's shakespeare. He should know the source.

Seriously, i don't like romantic movies. If i go to a romantic comedy and say "i didn't like it because it was kinda romantic but also it had humour. Not a good mix." That's makes me, me. I don't even write it like that in SHH,but these people able to write in newspapers and such.

That's difference between being a critic and average joe.

About being too long, it's only 13 minutes longer than previous movie. It's a conclusion, 13 minutes more is not much for ending a trilogy.

Fan attack is quite normal. If they do their job bad, they'll be under heat. That's same about every job. Do it good or quit. Funny they can't take negative opinions about themselves but they give it easily.

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