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Default Re: The Bucky Better Hook Up With Black Widow Or I Will Get Angry thread

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
So Tony Stark doesn't look ****** since he's a man whore.

But if Natasha has slept with two men, she has a reputation?

That is what is wrong in this sexist world of comics.
Well, in fairness, Tony never hooked up with two women who were important characters in the films, only one true-love type thing

If Natasha hooked up with some random shield agent, and then dated Bucky, it wouldn't be much of an issue... but we're emotionally invested in both Hawkeye and Bucky, so it creates more uncomfortability

That said, double standards are kind of all over the place, both in comics, but also even worse in Hollywood.
It seems comics take a lot of heat lately for something they do better than many other mediums

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