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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
We can argue about this all day, but you are not willing to understand the line between being a professional and amateur.

People who don't do their job professionally will always be under heat.

If a critic gives a negative opinion about shakespearian play that "they talk too much and poetic way" He'll be a joke or attacked and probably get fired rightfully.

If you gave Raging Bull negative opinions because it's not entertaining like Rocky series, Jack Lamotta isn't like Rocky Balboa, same thing would happen. Batman has more hardcore and large fanbase, so rightfully they bash stupid reviews.

If you call yourself a critic, you must know Batman is a somber hero. You must know Joker must be funny and over the top and Bane must not. Critics can't be ignorant viewers, they must be re-search these things if they are professionals.

Even if they find the movie bad, they must have reasons that they can prove. Their idiocy exposed and fans are attacking them.
Hahahaha. Wow.
Good to know that if I didn't like the movie and can't provide a satisfactory explanation as to why I felt that way that pleases you, I'm an idiot apparently.
Some people won't like this movie, plain and simple. Some critics won't like this movie, plain and simple.
Deal with it. You can't possibly justify fans attacking the negative reviewers simply because they didn't like the film, and the fact that you're even trying to automatically makes me lump you in with those 'fans' that are taking things way to far.

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