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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Reviewing something without having bias opinion (emotional,political etc), knowing the genre and what audience expect, if it's adaptation knowing the roots and what fanbase expect and things like that.

If you review an action/crime movie based on comics, then you must know the action/crime genre and Batman comics well enough. Otherwise you get exposed like it happened by fanbase.

If my father was writing a review about Metallica's Master of Puppets.. he would complain about it's too loud, too fast, lyrics are horrifying, vocalist is screaming bla bla. That's because it's his subjective view. If he knew thrash/speed metal must be loud,fast and have such lyrics and vocals... and judged it after all, he could write an objective review and what's good and what's bad even if he doesn't like thrash metal at all.

That's the main difference between a good critic and my father. That's difference between being professional and amateur.

I'm not against bashing bad critics. They should knew the movie must be grim before watching it. If we know the difference between the tone in Avengers comics and Batman comics, they have to know it because they are the ones titled as "movie critic"

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