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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Movie critics aren't paid for what they like or not. People don't care about their favorites.They care about if it's a good movie by it's genre, if it's good adaptation from it's roots,acting,story,visuals and other things.

A critic can't go to mexican restaurant and give negative rating because foods weren't like italian. He can't write foods are bad because they are spicy. Good critic would know they suppose to be spicy.Good critic would compare it with other mexican restaurants, compare it with origins and give sourceful review about it. He might say i don't like mexican foods, he might say people who don't like spicy food shouldn't go there but he can't say bad restaurant just because it's not his taste.

Criticism requires some knowledge,objectiveness. If you can't fill requirements,it will backfire like it happened with those critics.

You can't write The Godfather is failure because "it's all machoism, females aren't strong, too much guns and no room for love bla bla" That's something my girlfriend might say.Someone professional would know it's about mafia, it's a crime movie, the way italian mob families work, the original book and write something depends on that. His criticism would have some source.

There is a difference between an expert and random dude. An expert cannot have freedom of ignorance that random dude can have.

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