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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
OMFG, what? No dude, you are so entirely off. I know I said we just have to agree to disagree, and I stand by that as I'm not putting in the effort to rebut you point by point anymore, but this is just so far from the truth that it's laughable.

TDKR has to be a good movie before it can be anything else. If it requires the viewer to be familiar with the comics then it fails.

STILL waiting for you to explain what an objective opinion is.
Couldn't agree more! However I will say I much preferred Keaton's Batman to Bales until I more familiarized myself with the Batman comics...Now I just prefer Conroy

Anyway I would also add that the truly greatest superhero movies fall into a different genre first. It's what made the Dark Knight so good and the reason Iron Man 2 ended up looking so lack luster compared to its predecessor.

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