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Default Re: The Bucky Better Hook Up With Black Widow Or I Will Get Angry thread

Originally Posted by OccamsTaser View Post
This. I don't want to see some annoying Bucky/Natasha/Clint love triangle, least of all in a Cap movie. Actually, I'd prefer not to see a Natasha/Clint romance at all. Why can't they just have a close platonic friendship?
I'd prefer Tasha and Clint to have more serious history, since it's at least canonical. I kind of doubt in WS's case that (a) Tasha would've had many opportunities to meet him, if at all; and that (b) WS would even have an emotional/sexual urge to "hook up" with anybody at anytime. He's a programmed assassin, who they activate for specific missions and then put him back in the (ice)box when he's done. It's not like he has downtime or a social life.


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