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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dread View Post
About as long as some fans are whining about the new THUNDERCATS (and will be if/when it is officially canned) or the 2002 MOTU show (which I did like on DVD). Fandoms hold grudges. Nature of the beast. Trekkies hold the record for whining about a canceled TV show, and it worked out pretty well for them.
I don't see whining about 200x Masters anymore. The new toyline flopped, the show was a vehicle for the toys. Them's the breaks. Fandom can hold grudges and be loud but they are NOT numerous.

Sony owning "TSSM" didn't stop "USM from being good. The only thing redeemable about "USM" is that it employs a lot of talented people. Fans will probably stop whining about "TSSM" when they get a Spider-Man cartoon that isn't ****.
They have and they are. I'm a fan that likes Ultimate Spider-Man. People are enjoying the show. People at Comic-Con liked the episode so you are going to have to accept it. The show is well-liked and its a hit. A few fanboys online whining doesn't change that.

Anyway, it will be nice if "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" is awesome. Hell, it'd be great if "HULK: AGENT OF SMASH" is good, too. My problem is "USM" was Loeb's first impression as master of Marvel Animation, and it wasn't a good one for me. It is possible an excellent second or third impression can blow that out of the water for me; I'm just not an optimist by nature.
Deep down you like Ultimate Spider-Man and that's why you keep watching it and you refuse to admit it.

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