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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
Season 8 definitely portrayed Lois as the second choice.

But seriously... who cares

This was one of the biggest problems of Smallville, it wasted too much focus on Clark's love life, at the expense of everything else.

When you have male fans arguing over shipping, you know the show did something wrong.
U sure they're arguing about the ships and not about which chick is hotter? I of course hated the obsession with Clark's love life but a part from that they downplayed him to build up other comic characters, mostly Oliver.
And I don't care if they couldnt do certain things with the character, I would prefer no Lois rather than a bimbo airhead Lois with little intelligence and whose only purpose is to date any many she encounters. Which is why I said Lois should have left in S4 and not come back til S8 when the writers were ready to treat the character with respect.


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