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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

Tdkr to me was spellbinding. Do I have problems with some of the pacing? Yes. Do I feel like it could use an extra 20 minutes? Yes.. But there was a lot of symbolism in this movie IMO.. Which I'm a huge fan of. Corollaries character to me could've been so much more with just a little more screentime. I have to think about it.. But this one evoked emotions in me the other two didn't. I'm not sure Nolan fulfilled the whole potential of what this movie could've been.. I think it went by so quick an extra 20 minutes no one would've minded. Having said that... There's something haunting and beautiful about it. It's on par with tdk for me followed by batman begins. I gotta see it again.

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