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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

I'm not saying they should be avid fan of comics. But they must know what's Batman and what makes a good Batman movie. And you gotta know it.

Same goes for any book adaptation. If you go to the Shining, you can't criticize the movie because it has supernatural elements. It's based best seller book.

They can criticize the story,storytelling,direction and all..but they can't criticize Batman being grim. That's ignorance. It's a character known as grim. Just because a critic don't like grim characters, doesn't give him right to bash the movie because it represent the character faithfully.

Batman is a comic book movie. It's not something totally new. It's 70 years of legacy. If they don't like darker superheroes, it shouldn't effect their review. They may hate the movie but can't say it's bad because it has darker tone.

Majority of audience is Batman fans. Not hardcore maybe, but still they know most of the characters, at least Batman. Then comic book movies fans.Then action fans. Then others.

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