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Default Re: Michael Caine as Alfred Thread

Originally Posted by BobJM View Post
Screw Bruce for leaving Alfred and for allowing, even for a moment, that he failed him. Such a sad moment seeing him cry at the gravestones. Bruce not only left his city, but he left the man who acted as his heart. I can't believe that.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Bruce went to the diner where Alfred said he would always go to prove to him that he did not fail and that in fact Alfred's wish for his future came true. Alfred leaving Bruce did what Alfred meant for it to do. In KNIGHTFALL Bruce falls apart psychologically which enables Bane to break him. The same thing happened here. Bruce lost everything. He died in spirit which led to him being broken. But, in the end, after hitting rock bottom as Alfred knew he would eventually need to get to - he was able to rise.

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