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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
And yet he never used the cape in any meaningful way in TDK. It was just kind of there. I guess it billowed in the wind while he was riding the Batpod, but that's incidental.

Nolan clearly doesn't care about the inherent visual flair of the character. To be honest I even prefer the Schumacher costumes to Nolan's because at least they retain a lot of the iconic symbolism that the character is known for.
Nolan , to me, has done some iconic shots with Batman... and his cape..
At first I was on the fence with the "gliding", but It has grown on me.
In TDK... I like the shots of Batman using the cape in Hong Kong.. pretty darn cool in my book.

And if you prefer the Schumacher suits?.. too each their own I guess. To me those were WAY over stylized... too damn polished... and looked more like an outfir for an S&M joint, rather than something that would be used to go out and kick ass... Iconic symbolism?... those films?... hmmmmm..

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