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Default Re: The Avengers Box-Office Prediction Thread - Part 7

LOTR definitely because there will be 3D boost. Twilight, no because it is too front loaded. Twilight may have a shot at opening day record from potter however.

I don't discount IM3 if it's a good film. I mean because most people view IM2 as "not as good" as the first they can catch an upswing. I said for a long time that DKR was an uphill battle because of no Heath, and no Joker.

I also don't discount Thor 2 doing huge business. Chris Hemsworth may not be quite an A lister, but his stock has risen significantly and I immagine he has a pretty large female following.

MOS could be huge, but I immagine it may do IM1 numbers tops, but look for MOS2 if there are going to be records broken.

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