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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by the great thor View Post
please dont tell me hawkeye did more or was more important than cap. i really hope you are not suggesting that. i mean when all the marvel movies have in some form or fashion been about or connected to capt, i really cant believe you would down play capt role to hawkeye. i guess the military was wrong to spend untold money and time chaseing after a perfect super-soldier when, hey wait a minute we just need a very good bowmen. what i am saying is if i had to pick between capt and hawkeye in regards to a must have in that battle, well lets see i think i would go with the super-soldier with a enormous amount of war experience and leadership ability to a human being with really good aim.
I'd pick Cap too - in most circumstances. Hawkeye did seem like he probably killed more Chitauri than Cap though - and that's all I said.

All I'm trying to do is downplay the ridiculous statement your making about Hawkeye not being an important part of the team by showing you facts from the film. Of course you'll just dispute it with mythical thoughts about superheroes that don't exist and who you'd rather take to battle with you.

As far as the actual comics go - look no further than the most recent Captain America comics where he teamed with Hawkeye. Cap was beat and overtaken by a Symbiote which Hawkeye defeated and saved Cap from death.

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