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Exclamation Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I don't see whining about 200x Masters anymore. The new toyline flopped, the show was a vehicle for the toys. Them's the breaks. Fandom can hold grudges and be loud but they are NOT numerous.
Depends on the fandom. Go tell some Bronies how awkward it is to get that rabid over a girl's TV show and see if they leave any meat on your bones.

They have and they are. I'm a fan that likes Ultimate Spider-Man. People are enjoying the show. People at Comic-Con liked the episode so you are going to have to accept it. The show is well-liked and its a hit. A few fanboys online whining doesn't change that.
I am genuinely glad there are people that like it; I would hate to assume the show gets the ratings it gets from people who dislike the show. Conventions by and large are filled with people who are fans of whatever is presented. That's why women dressed like Batgirl asking DC's elite awkward questions always make big waves; it's so rare. I'm not saying fans at cons should be lunatics, but that the people who run these companies/shows never, EVER, manage to get into an environment that is not heavily staged, heavily controlled, and mostly filled with blindingly devoted people who would cheer at an empty room for a free t-shirt. Usually if someone stands up at a Q&A and asks an awkward or tough question, the person on stage makes a joke and relies on the audience to laugh and end it. Oh, wait...Marvel Animation didn't hold a Q&A this year.

I would be perfectly happy to write off "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN" as a fluke and embrace "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" if it's a great show. The dilemma is until the Loeb era undoes that first impression, I'll continue to be skeptical of their projects.

Deep down you like Ultimate Spider-Man and that's why you keep watching it and you refuse to admit it.
Actually, I haven't posted at those forums in a week or two. I stopped after twelve episodes like I said I would, and I don't miss the show or the time it took out of my life to review each episode at all. I do hope those who enjoy the show continue to enjoy it. The heart wants what it wants.

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