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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I would like to see the new trilogy focus more on the Bat Family. Nolan's films continually gave them the shaft (except for John Blake, but does he count really?). What I want to see is Batman dealing with a partner, or partners, and then feeling the pain of losing them, or having them move on from him, like with Nightwing or Jason Todd. Barbara Gordon would be a nice element too.

After TDKR and The Avengers, I think making it an ensemble film would be best, too. While I loved TDK, if they were going to do a Bat Family film, that ensemble style would work better, with Batman, Dick, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara, etc having their own little sub plots that lead into the grand finale.

Another thing is more fantastic villains. If this'll take place in the JL universe, there should be a bigger emphasis on how awesome Batman is. He's a human being fighting supernatural creatures from time to time. His determination makes him incredible in that sense. Seeing him fight the Joker and Ra's was awesome, but what about a fight with Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy? This would be a chance to really cut loose with the special effects and show fights that really are spectacular.

Also, he needs to say he's "The Goddamn Batman" at least once, or someone else refer to him as that. It wouldn't serve any purpose, might even be hokey, but I know I'd grin.

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