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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!)

As promised, here is my review of The Dark Knight Rises (with spoilers):

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

The film takes various elements from Knightfall and The Dark Knight Returns in order to mold this conclusion. Great choices for story, and those elements work quite well. This film also feels like a mix of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in style. The film has the epic scope of The Dark Knight and the action style, but it is more focused on Batman like Batman Begins was. But, the film also has some added elements that don't quite work. This film had a ton of potential, but only realizes some of it.

I had two major issues with the film, and both combined knocked it down an entire star. My first issue was the bomb plotline. It raised too many questions and made the story less interesting. Bane's social revolution in Gotham was a great plotline. If the bomb had served solely as a way to keep the government out, it would have worked. But making the bomb go off anyway dumbed down the conflict of the film, making Bane much more clearly a villain. If the League of Shadows just wanted to destroy Gotham, they could have killed the board at Wanye Enterprises, killed the scientist, and buried it somewhere after Batman was gone. No one would find it, and boom! But, the circus that they made it existed solely to give Batman the middle finger, and I don't think taunting Batman into action was smart on any level. Should have just shown him the explosion. I am also bothered by the fact it seems like Bane and Talia were just going to blow up, without attempting to escape. Just seemed kind of pointless and I didn't buy it. The bomb also made the climax of chasing it nearly identical to Batman Begins. I think thisi film would have worked better if it was more about the assault on Bane's army, and Bane was fighting to tear down Gotham by conquest.

This may also upset people, but I feel like the Talia twist in this film backfired. The twist comes too late, and she does nothing to earn the intimidation with the audience that Bane already had. All it did was make Bane look weak at the last second, thus making him a lamer villain. Bane was an absolutely awesome villain for 90% of the movie. Then our lasting image of him is being a crying puppy who just wanted to be loved. Weak. Completely reverse all the good they did with Bane. Since Bane was the villain for most of the movie, they should have let him finish it as the villain and just skipped Talia. I know that isn't comic accurate, but in staying true to the comics here, they made both the villains look bad.

Another issue I had was Alfred. So, Bruce Wayne becomes a recluse for 8 years because the woman he loved died after promising they would be together. I am sorry, but Alfred waiting 8 years to tell Bruce makes him look bad. At the end of The Dark Knight, we get why he did that. It made sense. Here, Bruce was destroying himself BASED ON THAT LIE!!! At that point, the lie is no longer a good thing. Alfred looks bad for letting Bruce become the pathetic cripple. We also never see Alfred react to the destruction of Gotham once. He is never seen until the end of the movie, and I have to agree with him. He dropped the ball here big time. Should have shown Alfred at least looking scared once during the climax or when Bane takes over (heck, even Aunt May got 1 reaction shot during the Lizard fight in TASM).

Now, there were many things I liked about the film, though. As mentioned earlier, I loved Bane for most of the movie. Tom Hardy did a great job, and his revolution in Gotham was frightening and incredibly well done (outside of the bomb). I also loved Selina Kyle in the movie. She was well-written, clever, sexy, and well acted. Big time props to Anne Hathaway on a marvelous job. I also loved Batman in “The Pit” and how he got out by not using the rope and the fear coming back. Great angle, and I loved that part of the movie. I also like how the film resolved itself once Batman made the big time “sacrifice” to save Gotham City. Nolan ended the movie on a good note. I also just loved watching the cast overall again. They had great chemistry together, and seeing them play off each other once again in a fairly strong movie was fun.

Overall, the conclusion to Nolan's Batman saga is satisfactory and has many great things going for it, but it also has some fumbles. It is a film that easily could have reached the heights that they did with The Dark Knight with some tweaking, but ultimately, this film ends up more on par with Batman Begins. This film has much better action sequences than Batman Begins, but the character arcs are overall weaker. That said, it is still a good movie and a solid entry into the Dark Knight legend.

3.5/5...Maybe a 4/5. I keep going back and forth on those two numbers.

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