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Default Re: The Avengers Box-Office Prediction Thread - Part 7

Originally Posted by warriorking View Post
Looks Like Fridays BO numbers for TDKR was around 77 Million, looks like the Avengers will keep the record....Also some on the other boards are begining to use the shooting as the reason it won't break the record.. Sorry but the shooting will have had little or no effect on the final OW outcome...Although I liked the TDKR I have no desire to go and see it again...
This is completely wrong.
Today's Wall Street Journal already sites anectdotal evidence of the negative effect on attendance ('Film Studio Faces Delicate Balance', page one).
Also, Warners has suspended advertising. The entire marketing machine has gone silent. Avengers opening weekend was attended by immersive advertising, including non-stop promotion on the Disney affiliates (that Friday, ESPN radio was nearly as much about going to see Avengers- and how much the various hosts' wives also wanted to see it- as it was about sports).
This tragedy has absolutely had a negative effect on box-office.

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