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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

The ending was perfection in my opinion. You can imagine Blake as Robin, Nightwing, Batman with a new suit. There's the option of letting it end right there in ur minds and with nobody touching this trilogy ever.

There's the other option of WB hiring another director for the "reboot" that can still be in the same continuity, a sequel pretty much, but without Bruce or Alfred, etc. With Blake as Batman or maybe not a "Batman" or "Dark Knight" movie but a spin-off.

Maybe this is why Nolan dropped out of the future role of "producer for the reboot". Maybe he wanted to make sure he hired somebody who will move forward with JGL's version and then heard from WB that they dont want to follow up that way. Maybe they told Nolan they just want another Bruce Wayne, especially for Justice League. Then he could of said SCREW IT, i wont attach myself in any future films, you guys do what u want for the reboot.

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