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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

Originally Posted by diggler19 View Post
Wow. I never thought about the tracking device. Great point.

I walked out of the film thinking the ending was genius. Am I the only one who thinks that Bruce really did die, and that Alfred was having a lucid dream of Bruce and Catwoman at the cafe. I mean the scene was nearly identical to Alfred's dream at the start of the film.

Anyway I freaking LOVED the movie. It's my favorite of the entire trilogy. I can't believe Nolan actually went with Bane breaking Bruce's back. Amazing. And Anne Hathaway totally changed my view on Catwoman....what a great character.
I think Alfred really saw them, one reason is because Alfred never say Selina as Catwoman nor her interaction with Bruce. I may be wrong. If they would had blurred Selina out of focus at the cafe and had just shown Bruce sitting with a lady then I could possibly except it as a dream, however it was to explicit it wasn't

Plus there were a few signs that showed he was alive; autopilot fixed, and bag for John Blake.

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