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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

Hahaha, that would be epic. I think I'd ink myself.

I'm not convinced about the pearls, I dunno where people get this idea from. Alfred described the whereabouts of the patio. Bruce would just have to keep a close watch on when he was going there, and with the help of selina kyle, could easily know when he was going there. It was really nice closure to alfred's storyline. That everything alfred wanted happened.

I didn't realize about the bat signal, but I quite like it. As for Blake not having the training, it's really left ambiguous what happens next, I quite like it. It's the end to Bruce Waynes story, not John Blakes. I like how its opened ended even if it frustrates me, it frustrates me in a good way.

I'd like to believe Bruce would also set up some sort of training for him to do, prior too. I mean just leaving the coordinates? There would definitely some sort of regimen that I imagine Blake would follow to a point. Showing why he'd only be a "robin" and not a "Batman". I dont expect Blake to be as good as batman, I'd expect him to be as good as robin.

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