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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

The movie had good effects and i liked the burned look of Ghost Rider but the rest of the film sucked more than any others i seen. It took too freaking long on the pennant stare and didnt even show it and also he was just too damn plain creepy which most of the time he looked like someone who was on a drug and schitzophrenic and constantly bobbed his head like he had terret syndrome. His costume had no look to Ghost Rider like the spikes or the chain wrapped around him like the first one and the pissing scene of fire had nothing to do with the character and never should of been in it cause there was no reason to have it. The villain was plain ass weak and boring and the devil was pittiful (Peter Fonda was the absolute best) and he should of been in the second and nothing was better as villains than Wes and Blackheart and the environmental villains from the first. The motorcycle sucked the first Hellcycle was the best design and nothing was better than the appearance of Sam as Ghost Rider on the horse (Best damn scene) from the first.
Ghost Rider 2 sucked balls

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