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Default Re: From Russia With Love

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Which will make him feel all the guiltier when Cyber-Bucky shows up, albeit without real justification.
But that's just it: there is NO guilt associated with MCU Steve.
COMIC BOOK Steve always felt guilt about Bucky, with damn good reason. I mean, who the royal **** takes a KID into a ****ing WWII BATTLE ZONE and lets him get strapped to a ****ING BOMB.....????

Thank god MCU Steve doesn't face that same Silver Age bubble-gum stupidity that Stan and Jack were certainly guilty of, on plenty of occasions.

In the MCU, Steve is not responsible for Bucky's death. He got killed (apparently) in the train attack, and that's tragic and all, and Steve's downed a few beers for fallen comrades and all that. But that's all he owes Bucky. When he finds out that Bucky survived and was kidnapped, tortured and mind-****ed by HYDRA and/or the Reds or whoever to become their own personal Jason Bourne, Steve will be rightly shocked, saddened, and simultaneously happy that his old friend is still alive with him in this Brave New World. But feeling guilty....? Nah.


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