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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

Ok. If it was a lucid dream, why was Bruce with Selina? Alfred never saw Bruce and Selina together....

Well Afred did see Bruce go through all the trouble to find Selina's true identity.
Bruce was a hermit, cripple shut in for almost 8 years. Alfred has seen Bruce full of grief and without interest in anything for 8 years. Then all of a sudden Bruce is trying to find this girl.

Also, Alfred's first flashback to his dream happens while he was talking to Bruce in the batcave- while there was a giant picture of Selina's face on that bigass TV screen.

I think the ending was a lucid dream because Alfred is getting closure. Batman died saving Gotham City. I think that's the way the trilogy should end.

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