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Default Re: The Avengers Box-Office Prediction Thread - Part 7

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Totally. People won't just shake this off and say, 'okay, so let's go and enjoy.' Now, how many will refrain from going, how many will wait untill watching in the safety of their homes and how many will think this movie is cursed is impossible to calculate.
Hasn't affected my Facebook newsfeed that's for sure. I think I counted 20+ people having mentioned seen it already since the shootings. I've yet to see anyone post about ditching plans to see it for fear of their safety.

With all due rerspoect, if what you get to see right next to you is the only reality you concede to exist, then this is not a really valid evidence of anything.

We don't have one single clue as to how to calculate what's the effect of this, just that there is one.
You can't calculate either side, but that somehow proves there's an effect? What kind of fortune cookie logic is that exactly?

So, channels talking of the tragedy equals great advertising for the movie? That's like saying showing shots of a country in war might favour tourism. Probably people will get more impact from the scope of the tragedy than how cool the images are.
Not even remotely apples to apples.

We're talking about movie theaters, not war torn countries. Tragedies tend to bring out "solidarity" and "support" from people ...... hence going to see the movie. I'm sure theaters will even be taking up donations for those who died or were hurt in the shootings.

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