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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

I saw the movie twice and I caught on the first time that Alfred said while Bruce was gone from Gotham for 7 years, he would take a holiday every few months or so and go to that place in italy which we saw him at in the end and when he talked to Bruce in the cave. He said when he went there he would have a fantasy of seeing Bruce there happy. I'm guessing when he saw Bruce at the end, he was actually just taking some time off and Bruce went there after remembering Alfred's story to reassure him he's fine and happy. That's what I got out of it and glad Bruce got his happiness in the end

And definitely like how the ending totally let you come up with whatever you wanted to. It felt open ended, you can either have Blake be Robin or take on the mantle of Batman. It could please all fans and it certainly did for me. I will admit though, i was kind of hoping to see Bruce in that cave with Blake. Just used to seeing Batman in the final shot of Nolan's films

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