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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I agree with the idea of bringing Batman more in line with the superhero world - which is obviously where it has to go if they're looking at Justice League. The statements issued so far indicate that DC Entertainment is looking to make their movies a bit grittier than the Marvel adaptations.

You'd obviously have to differentiate this new Batman world from the Nolan trilogy. I think it best to leave Nolan's work alone and go in a different direction.

At that point it becomes a question of where to begin. A younger Batman? And where are you leading beyond Justice League? How will it tie into JL? Do you act like the JL has already been around? What about Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing?

I like the idea of having the film open up very heroically with Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) together, fighting a villain out of the rogues gallery. Early in, Dick decides he needs his freedom and leaves (maybe setting up a Teen Titans film?), so we see Bruce having to face a crisis without Robin for the first time in years. The house feels empty and a wicked scheme is unfolding in Gotham that ends up being part of a larger plan that Darkseid is engineering that will be dealt with by the Justice League.

I think a key is to be able to take a look at Bruce still without it being all about the villain. But I think a general audience knows Batman's story well enough that it does not need to be retold again - and it could even be done so that he does get help from Dick in the form of Nightwing to close out the film.

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