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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

I like to beleive that Bruce IS STILL the Batman. John Blake is Robin. Or Nightwing. NOT the new BAtman. Why would they need a new Batman if the old one isn't dead yet. Also you think Bruce and Selina are gonna live happily ever after in Italy? Hell no. THey're just on vacation. Oh boy and what a vacation that must be. Man I'd be hitting that sexy catwoman ass every night that's for sure.

However I personally didn't like that several things were left unadressed. The most blatant one was (and I couldn't beleive they actually missed this) but what happened to Lucius Fox? Did he drown? Did he survive? Who's in charge of Wayne enterprises if Fox dies? Also what about Gordan? His wife and kids still left him and having Gotham nearly blown to hell was certainly not any incentive for them to come back. I dont think. Anybody clear that up for me?

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