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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by the great thor View Post
so you are going to pick a moment from the comic to back up your opinion. the whole who should be on this team is something any military organization would do, it not just a fan boy thing. and sense this is presented in a more real world reality, excuse me for taking more of that pov. i know hawkeye has a long history and many fans and i understand why. i am just saying that hawkeye has a place, but is not vital to this team. whether you want to admit or not. i mean fans act as if hawkeye were not under lokis control he would have stop the battle from happening at the end of the movie, i just think he gets to much hype. i know fans dont like that but to each his own.
Hawkeye is just as vital to the team as anyone else is. Is there anyone else on the team with the leadership ability and battle tactics of Cap? No, so that's why he's important. Is there anybody with the variety and resources of Iron Man? No, so that's why he's important. Is there anybody with knowledge of other realms and godly powers other than Thor? No, so that's why he's important. Is there anybody with the perfect vision and perfect accuracy of Hawkeye? NO, so that's why he's important. He doesn't just shoot arrows... are you serious? HE'S JUST AS VITAL AS ANYONE ELSE.

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