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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

Originally Posted by EliteF50 View Post
He wanted to live a life far away from all the "pain and tragedy" in Gotham. A life with Selina.
I definitely understood that from the very beginning...just how Alfred said that he never wanted Bruce to come back to Gotham because all it brings is pain and tragedy for him...and I would understand that Bruce himself feels the same's just that why can't he live his life away with Selina as Bruce Wayne?

Part of me thinks Batman and Bruce Wayne, two different personas but the same man. And that man was the man who was born right after he witnessed his parents die...who grew up with the pain and anger, and that instilled monstrous emotion eventually led to Batman - to become the incorruptible and everlasting symbol Gotham needed and the catalyst for change to inspire people to the point when Gotham no longer needs the physical caped crusader..but just the symbol. And of course he successfully did just that by his dramatic final act as Batman saving the city.

So he permanently removed Batman from himself..mission complete, time to start a new life he deserved. Is it that shedding Bruce Wayne is a way of removing the false but famous identity (that was never really him in the first place) he put on since his parents death as the selfish billionaire playboy, as well as completely and permanently removing the identity that was forever the man that was Batman? Like it was his only choice to fully pull away and remove any such connection to the creation that made him sort of a a way.

Do I make sense? Hahaha. That was my logic...but somewhere deep inside there's an inkling that there's something more to why "BW" had to die. If i'm just being paranoid..then that's my fault..haha. I'm putting too much burden onto my self. Hahahahaha

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