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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
There is nothing wrong to criticize anyone unprofessional in their jobs. If critics can't handle with cricitism, that's quite hypocrisy.
Right, but I'm not arguing against the idea of writing in to critics. My issue is with this particular instance - people writing in angry about a review to a movie they haven't seen. You're defending that and trying to make it comparable to 'Roger, I saw Batman last weekend and I really disagree with your review and here are the reasons why...'

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
Making a good movie while being faithful to source enough.
Faithful to source? Which source? You mean the first Batman issues where he killed people? Or maybe the first appearance of Robin, the kid sidekick?

Again, my point - there is no one correct idea of Batman. Different writers have done different things with him in the comics the same way Nolan is doing his own unique take in his movies.

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