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Default Re: Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)

its not that hard to just imagine that bruce left the bat, and let the auto pilot go in the middle of the ocean.

i think he wanted to pretend batman died, so that people would band together with the "sacrfice" the batman did for them. the same the people did for harvey, but it caused a very flawed dent act. so maybe after all the hell gotham went through the whole time (and people realized how messed up dent act was), it would be a purer form of sacrfice and a TRUE hero. and hopefully he can leave gotham to do it right this time.

i'm sure also bruce wanted batman to die for himself. he was ready to move on. and hey, i wouldn't be so sad without all the money and the fame and the cars, if i can just go away and start a new life with anne hathaway.

what is MORE mind boggling for me is, how the heck he was able to get back in gotham after the prison scene. if the american military can't even infiltrate gotham, how did he? with no gear! lol..

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