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Default Re: The Bucky Better Hook Up With Black Widow Or I Will Get Angry thread

Originally Posted by Lorus View Post
For some reason my eyes roll back into my head when the whole Natasha/Bucky true love in the past angle is bought up. Maybe it would work better in the MCU because it wouldn't have to be a retcon as it was in the comics but it still represents a kind of incestuous relationship between characters in which everything is related to everything else which makes the universe seem smaller.

Also, I have a personal dislike of hooking Widow up with every goddamn hero as a kind of sidekick. She's always seemed to be more interesting to me as an individual, her relationship with Hawkeye was handled wonderfully in the Avengers though so if it were done similarly I'd be ok with it.
I don't think Bucky was ever referred to as Natasha's true love in-story. They had an affair as a form of escape that ended badly, and fifty years later they gave it another go. Brubaker's never derided her relationship with Clint or Matt.

I actually think the movie relationship between Hawkeye and Widow is a lot similar to the comic Bucky and Widow; two spies/assassins, supporting each other and working in-tandem, etc. As opposed to the showboating Hawkeye of the comics who wanted her to quit being a spy and become a full-time supe.

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