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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mr.? View Post
Heard that too and don't believe it. He wouldnt have put it on him if he didnt want it.
Well, Nolan didn't want Scarecreow to wear a mask either. Rather, he wanted Scarecrow to look like a scarecrow only within the hallucinations. Yet he was convinced by Goyer of keeping the mask.

I also read that Sam Hamm (B89 screenwriter) didn't want the cape for Batman. He was forced to keep it and at some point he had Batman trying to escape from the falling Batwing but unable to because the cape gets stuck somewhere.

Now, I think Nolan had practical reasons to get rid of the cape. I think he thought it was not practical enough, but come on, you cannot take the cape out of Batman. And I don't think Nolan is the kind of guy who cannot listen to reasons.

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