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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

Dark Knight Rises
Dark Knight
Batman Begins

Loved all of them and together they make the (for me at least) perfect movie trilogy. Loved TDKR the most, after 2 viewings. Will go for a third time tuesday and more to come after that.

I liked it more than the other two, just because it was so much more emotional for me personally. Watching Begins, I had goosebumps. Watching Dark Knight, I was mesmerized by the plot and the back and forth between Joker and Batman. I even bought that Gordon died and was tearing up. But none of that compares to me watching Rises. In Rises I feared for everyone involved. It was easily the movie that most affected me in my whole life. Sure, there are maybe better movies out there, but since my connection to the characters is so deep because of me being a fan for more than 20 years, I was never this moved by any movie ever. I squirmed in my seat while the Bane fight was going on, felt great excitement at Batman return and his rise, had to cry at every Alfred/Bruce scene and at the ending and feared for every character, all the time. I really thought that every scene with so and so could be the last we would see of him/her. I was really scared of Bane, more scared than I ever was by any movie villain. The fight scenes were the best of the trilogy, Batman was the most badass in all three movies here, utilizing more ninja tactics and gadgets as ever before and I didn't even talked about the ending. Oh, the ending. Sadness, happiness and tears streaming down my face. Even if upon repeated viewings Dark Knight should be the better crafted movie, or better plotted or whatever... Rises will forever be my favorite Batman movie, because of the emotions it made me feel. I don't care about so called "plotholes", because any movie has those. For me Rises was the best time I had at the movies ever. I went in with such high expectations, after waiting for the movie since 4 years (in some ways my whole life) and it still topped my imagination. For me and the people I have seen it with (sister, girlfriend), clearly the best of the three.

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