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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Patty View Post
None of the Bruce/Batty scenes got to me, but I'll be 100% honest... When they revealed that the kid in the pit was Talia and she was lovingly fixing Bane's breather with the care of a mother, I began crying.

When she said "Goodbye, my beloved friend" (or something to that effect) and the tears came from Bane's eyes, I just totally LOST IT. I cried like a cheerleader who didn't make first string.

Nolan really got me (that bastard! lol) with Bane's story, when they showed Bane save Talia and say "good luck" to her just before he was bum-rushed I wept and wept. I continued to cry tears of joy as I watched the man himself Ras Al Ghul handle his business by slaughtering those bastards.

It was a beautiful, loving moment between the two of them and my only regret is that they would've waited a minute or two from that point to little miss one liner on her bat pod shooting him across the room. It really took me out of that beautiful moment.

Even if I wasn't the kind of person who rooted for the bad guy, that scene of Talia and Bane would still have probably had me in tears. What a beautifully crafted loving moment in the script.

So how bout you guys? Any moments start the waterworks for you?

This poll is multiple choice, and having only seen the movie once my apologies if I missed a particular scene. If I did just select "Other" and explain in your reply.

Also, my apologies, I posted this poll again because I left out 2 really good tearjerker moments. Sorry for the inconvenience, mods.
I felt pity for Bane, but it wasn't enough to make me cry. He was just such a bastard for what he did to Bruce and to all of the other innocent people who got in his way. Not to mention mass murder of a whole city in order to achieve his plan. But Hardy was amazing and did get to me just a little bit when he shed tears, I'll give him that.


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