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Default Re: The Avengers Box-Office Prediction Thread - Part 7

Originally Posted by Danalys View Post
average 3D extra charge is 30% but since only half of avengers tickets sold were for the 3D it's 15% of it's boxoffice. anyway it's impossible; but for not having enough midnight screenings the avengers did nearly as well as a film can do in it's first weekend. significantly more tickets can't be sold.
Far less than half of the tix were for 3d. there were more 2d theaters showings plus the avengers lost its 3d showings faster than its 2d showings. Like I have said before the 3d plus inflation (which isnt a good calculation for TDK since the last major ticket increase happened before it was out) both probably added up to about the 17% that TA was above TDK. I dont think there are significant differences between tickets sold. I think the same audiance was the base for both... even if niether side of the fanboys will admit that...

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