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Default Does it HAVE to be a trilogy? Can it go beyond three films?

I feel like these days, most studios only ever prepare for "trilogies" when it comes to major franchises. I mean sure there have been a few exceptions but for the most part as of late, there seems to a blueprint put in place for three films and that's it. From there it's usually over and out... or it's onto the reboot/re-imagining.

Assuming Man Of Steel is a massive hit, can't there a be a plan that extends beyond that? Why must it be limited to just three? Don't you feel there are at least more than three Superman stories that can make it to the big screen and further add to the legend? In this modern age of big budgets and big paydays, can a studio hold on to a director/cast for that long anymore? Barring Harry Potter? I'd love to see Cavil sign on for 4 or 5 films.

Can it be done?

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