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Default Re: DayZ (aka the coolest zombie game you've never heard of)

I played a bit of it. Got spawned on the beach with a bunch of zombies in front of me coz it was a populated server hahah. Caught the attention of one and started zigzagging through a field while losing blood as others started chasing me... I think I saw another survivor lying prone in a bush, but anyway, I ran out onto the road and eventually lost them by running up a hill.

Then I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to bandage myself. Got it done, but now the screen was all gray and blurry coz I lost too much blood... found a barn, got a double barrel shotty and a rifle, a pop can, tons of ammo off someone who died in there... then got overrun by zombies and died as I tried to leave coz I couldn't see s**t without a blood transfusion and passed out in the middle of the field.

It's pretty cool but I think I'll get more play time out of the base game hahah.

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